My works build an alternate world where numerous characters, symbols and motifs live. These creatures exist in seemingly unlivable forms—through differing mutations, transformations and impossible ingestions and excretions—but always thrive. Many contain abiotic qualities or dependencies on non-living objects, however all the organisms show a sense of aliveness. The repeated symbols and creatures throughout the works connect them to show that they all live in the same world, a world that they don’t simply live on, but with. They don’t use their soil, trees and mountains as a landscape to build upon, instead they are built from that land. This is a contrast to the way humans have showed their Earth its value, treating it as a dead supply of resources. The paintings and drawings build a habitat in which this ideology is transformed.

            This science-fiction world I’ve built provides an alternate thinking space by displaying a different way of living with and valuing nature. It questions our understanding of the world we live in, our interactions with it, with each other, and our presence in a larger universe. 

       I currently live in Queens, New York. I am always open to collaborations and meeting new artists, so feel free to reach out!


Instagram: @alexdelbello




2020 | Parsons School of Design, BFA in Fine Arts




Group Exhibitions


2020 | 25 E Gallery “In The Presence of Absence” New York City, NY


2020 | 25 E Gallery “Coagulated, Congealed and Cured” New York City, NY


2019 | 25 E Gallery “Don’t Stop on the Second Floor” New York City, NY


2019 | Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


2018 | Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY





2020 | Wag Magazine, Feature






2015 | Rhode Island School of Design Annual Art Award