Updated: Apr 7, 2020

My name is Alex and I am a painter based in New York City. From the looks of it, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that I am located in New York. My work is so nature-based and desert-inspired, hardly reminiscent of the incredible “concrete jungle” that is this city. But yes, I am here, and I do love New York.

I grew up in New York State, in the suburbs not too far from here, so I have been on the east coast my whole life. Because of this, my first trip to Arizona in 2018 was a trip that changed my perspective on my work completely. In fact, it’s really what gave me the thrust to develop a prolonged practice that truly fascinated me. If you’ve never seen the desert before, then it’s hard to wrap your mind around its existence, rather, its flourishing existence. When you first step into that climate it feels so alien. The air is so dry but so clear. The dust is so red and fine. And the mountains in the distance really are purple. It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced.

Look at how red those reds are!
View from our hikes in Sedona

Nature was a part of my life since I was a baby, so moving to New York City four years ago was quite an adjustment. And while I love New York to death, the need to escape and breathe fresh air is something that is instilled in me. Thus, my yearly trips to the western United States began.

My work is now, in a way, a discovery of this geography and my own existence in relation to it, and of the relationship between myself and current events happening in our world. I will go on to have conversations about my work in later posts, but for now I’d love to share some photos from my trip back in 2018 that have inspired my work for the last two years. Welcome to my world of my paintings, I hope it brings each individual who views them something special.

The peak of Camelback Mountain as the dusk light hits it

Camelback Mountain hikes


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